Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Piano Across America - Inspiration

While digging around the internet as I usually do while procrastinating on my homework projects that I need to do for my final week of semester classes, I came across Piano Across America. It's something deeply inspiring that I can connect with in a bunch of ways, and it has begun to re-fuel my passion for a cross country road trip that I've been dreaming about for so many years.

Even though I cannot play the piano like this guy does, it's awesome seeing someone have the balls to travel around, spreading his love of music on the streets, and simply seeing the world and meeting new people.... all with a piano.

Ever since I was in Junior High, I've wanted to take a similar journey around the United States, but since I have a passion for history, I would love to go on the road and spread a message of preserving history and getting people to learn history, all the while going to the most interesting places, finding historical places, and meeting people and learning their own stories. I would love to combine my love of photography, history, and journalism, and use all three of those on the road and record what I find. It's why I've come to call this blog, The Curious Blogger.

Over the years, I've come across people online who have done cross country road trips who have a message, just like Dotan Negrin, who's simply living his dream of playing a piano around the country. 

All one has to do is get out there and follow the road.

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