Sunday, August 21, 2011

History along the wayside

When it comes to history, it never seems to be all that far away, especially on a road trip. The past just tends to linger there, either in the form of a museum or a historical marker, awaiting the next curious soul to seek out whatever stories that is there.  Also, it just tends to pop out of nowhere, when you plan on being elsewhere.

I was reminded of this as I drove down to Evansville, Indiana for a few days. While waiting at a stoplight in Terre Haute, Indiana, I glanced over at this historical marker that was sitting along the edge of the road, right in front of a gas station. That got me even more curious to see what the sign was commemorating - "The Birthplace of the Coke-Cola Bottle." Now that's something I would never have known about, nor would have thought about on a random day while heading off someplace else.

And so, history keeps marching onwards. I'll have more stuff in the coming days - especially after spending a day in Nashville, Tennessee to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as a few shots of downtown and the state capitol building.

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